trusted for over 25 years

For over two decades, Mediation Works, NY LLC, has been providing New York area families in conflict with a safe and constructive environment to resolve disputes and move through some of life’s most challenging transitions.  

Mediation Works was founded on principles of accessibility and inclusivity, with a  dedication to working with a diverse population of clients.

As an experienced mediator, with extensive knowledge of the law, Jessica Rothberg, or a trusted member of her team, will facilitate your negotiations and give you the tools to make productive and healthy decisions.

At Mediation Works, we take a holistic approach to conflict, understanding the often extreme emotions associated with familial disputes and the impact this can have on the entire family and other areas of your life.

Whether you are seeking to obtain a “simple” divorce or have a more complicated situation, Mediation Works, under the  guidance of Jessica Rothberg, can move you through the process, saving you time and money while maintaining your integrity.

Jessica Rothberg, Esq.

Founder and Principal Attorney – Mediator

As a mediator, collaborative, or consulting attorney,
Jessica brings compassion and professionalism
to every case.

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Divorce Mediation

A neutral, attorney-mediator guides you through the process, giving you the knowledge and the tools to make informed, thoughtful decisions. Save time and money and never step foot in court.
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Collaborative Divorce

You may be seeking to avoid the emotional and financial stress often accompanying a litigated divorce but also want an advocate, not just a neutral mediator. Jessica is available to represent you in a non-adversarial process that prioritizes mutual respect, honesty, and self-determination.
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Consulting Attorney

If you're already in mediation and want an independent, fair-minded attorney to review a draft agreement or consult on any issues that arise during mediation, Jessica can be retained by the hour. Legal consultations are also available to discuss a variety of topics. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right


Other Mediation Services

We assist with prenuptial agreements, co-parenting plans, co-habitation agreements, elder mediation, interpersonal disputes, post-divorce conflicts, and small business dissolutions. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right


LGBTQ Services

Jessica represents parents in second parent adoptions and specializes in mediation with non-traditional families. Learn more keyboard_arrow_right


Training and Consulting

Mediation Works offers an intensive family and divorce mediation apprenticeship for attorneys and recent law school graduates (or JD candidates). Learn more keyboard_arrow_right