Divorce and Co-Parenting Mediation

Mediation Works provides the structure and creates a venue for thoughtful, constructive discussion and agreement-making for separating or divorcing couples or co-parents. After over two decades of successfully helping clients move through the painful transition of separation or divorce, it’s clear that clients are empowered when they resolve their own conflicts and are more likely to comply with the agreements reached in mediation, because agreements are made collaboratively.

Jessica Rothberg, or a trusted member of her team, will structure the mediation process to ensure that information is gathered and shared, that interests are stated, and that goals are achieved.  Decisions are never imposed, but rather developed and ultimately made by you.  The goal is to be as efficient as possible, while also recognizing that significant decisions are being made and so there must be a balance.  Going through a divorce can be chaotic and overwhelming.  The calm, professional, and expert approach of Mediation Works will ground you during what is likely a challenging time.

During the mediation process, legal information is provided in a neutral way to ensure your full understanding of the various options being considered.  While the law doesn’t have to rule your decision-making in mediation, having a legal context is crucial to making informed decisions. At the conclusion of the mediation sessions, a written, legally binding agreement is drafted reflecting your negotiated settlements.  Uncontested divorce papers can be drafted and filed by an attorney at Mediation Works so you never have to step foot in court or hire a separate attorney  to finalize your divorce.

As an established leader in the family and divorce professional community of New York, Mediation Works has a network of like-minded colleagues and will make referrals as needed in the areas of law, finance, mental health, and child specialist so that you can feel confident in agreements reached with your neutral mediator.

“I was grateful for your obvious professionalism and objectivity… I understand better now how this process, though still difficult, can be carefully peppered with kindness. I feel safe and comfortable under your guidance. Thank you.”

– J.S. NYC