Non-Divorce Mediation

Prenuptial Mediation

Prenuptial agreements are no longer just for the rich and famous. Communicating about your financial intentions before you walk down the aisle will stimulate openness and ultimately serve to enhance your marriage.  A Mediation Works mediator with extensive knowledge of the law can guide you and your fiancé through the process to help you untangle the legal economic web and make responsible, thoughtful decisions about your financial future.

Co-Parenting Plans

Contemplating (or already) raising a child with someone to whom you are not married?  Raising a child in a non-traditional setting, such as communally or as a 3-parent family?  Mediation can help sort out how to most effectively co-parent under unique circumstances.  A mediator will help you navigate the often murky legal and emotional terrain of parenting and assist you in reaching agreements about all areas of parenting, such as scheduling, child support, and everything from how to handle the holidays to parent-teacher conferences!

Co-Habitation Agreements

If you’re thinking of living with a partner for the first time, mediation can help support you in making agreements ahead of time so that you can move in with compatible understandings and expectations.  Whether you want to reach mutual agreement as to property ownership or household chores, mediation can guide you in reaching thoughtful decisions that will serve to maximize your shared living arrangement.

Elder Mediation

Having a dispute with your elderly parent or other family members about how to best care for an elder who needs assistance? In this dynamic process, the mediator assists family members and other important stakeholders, such as doctors and caregivers, in the way they communicate and collaborate about each individual’s financial, professional and/or personal responsibilities to the parent, and the parent’s estate-planning requirements, living circumstances, health needs and overall quality of life.  The mediator supports the elderly parent and anyone with an important relationship to him or her, to plan ahead for change and, when necessary, to resolve conflicts about changes that have already taken place.

Interpersonal Disputes

Mediation is especially helpful if you are experiencing any kind of dispute with a loved one, a friend, a co-worker or a neighbor, to give a few examples.  For any relationship that you are looking to repair for the long-term, a Mediation Works mediator can guide and facilitate communication and open up dialogue to help resolve a variety of personal disputes and support an on-going, healthy dynamic.

Post-divorce Conflicts

Signing your divorce papers does not always put an end to the conflict.  Mediation Works can help you stay out of court by assisting with modifications to parenting plans and/or financial arrangements.   

Small business Dissolution

Do you need to dissolve a small business   and want to do so fairly and efficiently? Mediation is a process that can  provide you the tools to dissolve your business intelligently, while preserving relationships with your colleagues.