LGBTQ Mediation and Legal Services

Second Parent Adoption

Second parent adoption is a court proceeding that permits a parent to adopt the biological (or adoptive) child of her or his partner.  This action legalizes the relationship between the non-biological parent and the child without terminating the biological parent’s rights.  This is an important step for LGBTQ families, even if a child was born to married partners, second parent adoption is recommended to secure both parent’s rights.  Jessica Rothberg can guide you through with minimal stress and maximum efficiency. 

Co-parenting Agreements

If you are planning to build your family with a partner, a friend, in a polyamorous relationship or you are blending your family in a new way, Mediation Works can provide a venue for everyone involved to voice their intentions, concerns and needs and ensure all are on the same page.  Constructively mediating co-parenting agreements minimizes the potential for conflict and maximizes healthy communication. Jessica Rothberg, and the legal team at Mediation Works, keeps up with the ever-changing legal landscape of LGBTQ parenting and will support you to make the best decisions for yourself and your family. 

Donor Agreements

If you are planning to get pregnant using sperm from a known donor, it is wise to enter into a written agreement with the donor detailing the terms of your understanding, thereby ensuring everyone involved is on the same page.  Mediation Works can guide you in crafting an agreement that captures the intentions of all involved and paves the way for a thoughtful and healthy donor-parent relationship.