Consulting Attorney

If you’re working with another mediator, Jessica Rothberg can be retained to consult as you move through the mediation process.   While your mediator may be a lawyer, and therefore able to explain the law to you, having a consulting attorney looking out for your individual interests can give you extra peace of mind about your agreements.  As your consulting attorney, Jessica can answer your questions and advise as to the legal implications of the various decisions you’re contemplating in mediation and, importantly, will review your draft Separation Agreement before you sign it, giving you the confidence you need before executing an important legal document.

Jessica’s compassionate and expert support and consult will ultimately help you feel empowered to make thoughtful, informed and fair agreements around the mediation table.

If you’re not sure what process is best for you, or you’re not sure if you even want to take the step of moving forward with a divorce, schedule a consultation with Jessica to learn more.

I consulted with Jessica before I started the divorce process to better understand what to expect and then while I was in mediation, I continued to lean on her for support and guidance. Jessica provided me with practical and legal information and advocacy without being adversarial. With her guidance, I was able to find my voice and clarity of thinking during my mediation sessions. I could not have done it without Jessica!

– S.P. NYC, NY